Things to Do in Washington DC

By  Published Sep 29th, 2016

When visiting the District of Columbia, the National Mall is surely the most popular of any local parks. It's a great landmark to meet up with other groups or start your exploration. The park offers a combination of lush greenery and beautiful architecture that is easily traveled by foot.

It is highly suggested that you start at the Washington Monument. At almost 555 feet tall, the Washington Monument is the largest vertical structure in the city. As a bonus, the Monument can serve visitors as a compass to other popular attractions nearby.

Starting to the west of the Monument, the Mall is jam-packed with popular sculptures, monuments and memorials. To the far west of the Mall, one finds the famous Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool. Memorials to veterans, activists and war heroes surround the Reflecting Pool. These include the Korean War, Vietnam War, WWII and Martin Luther King, Jr.

To the west of the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Institution has dozens of world-class museums catering to a variety of interests. A must-see for any visitors bringing children along is the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Kids have a blast from the past looking at Dinosaurs reconstructed from fossil, ancient artifacts and many interactive displays.

The National Air and Space museum is another great place for children and adults alike. Marvel at the history of flight - from rudimentary Wright Brothers relics to Apollo spacecraft. This museum is particularly unique by showing the impressive progress that aviation has made in our quality, and understanding of life.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is a sobering reminder of this tragedy. This museum is more serious, so although there is no age-limit, the historical implications and significance may be lost on younger minds. This is natural, but something to consider.

Finally, to the north of the Monument is the White House. This is a great place to end a day-trip in the District of Columbia. Finishing your tour at the White House makes for easy transition to a subway station or a taxi. Now away from the Mall, one is free to choose from a variety of neighborhoods to explore!