The Three Mexicos

What comes to mind when you think about planning a vacation? Mexico offers everything from a jungle vacation to a relaxing beach resort. East, west or central – Vacation Rewards can help you find the Mexico that is right for you!

Yucatan Peninsula

Located on the east coast of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula includes Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. These popular beach towns either feature major resorts or are a stop on most major cruise lines' itineraries. Visit the east coast of Mexico and find out what millions of travelers already know - the Yucatan Peninsula is vacation perfection.

All three cities boast year-round warm weather, beautiful Caribbean Sea views, romantic waterside retreats and activities for all ages. Cancun is a mix of tradition and the modern world, with the Mayan culture playing a big part of its mystery and its history. Playa del Carmen is so small, you can walk about anywhere you need to go. With hotels ranging from small boutiques to large resort chains, a typical day in Playa includes drinking under an umbrella or browsing the shops. Cozumel is Mexico with a Caribbean soul. Famous for its coral reefs, water lovers will find Cozumel their perfect vacation destination. All three of these cities feature water sports from snorkeling to deep-sea fishing, as well as jungle excursions, national parks and forest reserves. If you have the time, it's important to visit the Mayan Ruins. Located in the center of the southern tip of Mexico, these important structures are not to be missed if you have the time. Breathtaking sunsets, moonlit walks on the beach, swims through crystal waters - the east coast of Mexico is nothing short of amazing.

Mexican Riviera

One of the most popular Mexican cruises, and a showcase of the Pacific Ocean, is the Mexican Riviera or for a shorter vacation, the Baja California peninsula. Located on the west side of Mexico, the Mexican Riviera and the Baja peninsula both offer incredible beaches over 2,000 miles, with multiple amazing resorts that offer a place to hang your hat - and your swimsuit. Cruises sail down this waterway year-round, and typically include not only Ensenada, but also the cliff divers and colonial beauty of Puerto Vallarta, as well as the fun nightlife of Acapulco and the potential whale watching or underwater exotics of Cabo San Lucas.

Ensenada is a smaller coastal town that offers an inexpensive vacation spot and a perfect place to siesta with a good book, a cocktail and some sunscreen. Puerto Vallarta has all the benefits of a classic beach resort. It features fun-filled activities year round, from whale watching to cliff diving. Add in mountains, jungles, rivers and waterfalls to the surf, sand and sun, and you'll see what makes Puerto Vallarta the perfect vacation destination for every member of the family. Mazatlan, further south on the coast, offers some of the finest sailing and sport fishing available, as well as amazing shopping in "The Golden Zone." The city's Machado Square is the center of a restored Centro Historico and features the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which was finished in 1899. Acapulco is a smaller, more intimate Mazatlan, and features the incredible cliff divers that are not to be missed.

Finally, on the tip of the west coast, you will find Cabo San Lucas, once a sleepy fishing village and now a world-class destination with championship golf courses, deep sea fishing, incredible scuba diving and rolling sand dunes. At the very tip, you will find the famous arch-shaped and often photographed rock formation, El Arco, which typically are a point of reference for all ships coming into the Cabo San Lucas harbors.

Center Country

The "third" section of Mexico runs down the center of the country and includes Copper Canyon and Mexico City. The Copper Canyon, in northwest Mexico, showcases some of the most spectacular, rugged and beautiful land in all of Mexico. The area is compared to Arizona's Grand Canyon; but with 20 canyons aligned together, it is at least seven times the size of the Grand Canyon and offers much greener, lush views.

Most Copper Canyon tours include canyon activities, like a train that brings you through the canyon, as well as guided hiking or helicopter rides offering aerial views. Touring the canyon, you will see cave homes, endangered animals, wild and rare plants, as well as descendants of the Aztecs who still live in the canyon and offer homemade crafts and food to the visitors.

Mexico City is the center of historical and present-day activity, with lots of entertainment for the entire family. Don't miss the floating gardens, which have been in existence for seven centuries, and a wide array of clubs, pubs, sports bars and romantic hideaways. Check out Six Flags for plenty of heart-pounding rides or try to attend a "futbol" game with the passionate fans of Mexico.

Three Vacation Options

Whether your vacation plans involve high-end luxury or traveling on a budget, Mexico has what you're looking for. Travel the coast, east or west, or head to the center of the country - there is something for everyone south of the border!

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