Klugertown: Back But Never Left

Over the past year, as I coped with the day to day issues of business, health, as everyone else does, I took pause in my weekly column. Sorry to say: I’m baaack!


Oh wow. What to talk about? Religion or politics? Religion? Nope! Too touchy. Politics? Definitely not, because however good intentioned we are in mild discourse, someone ends up tossing a grenade.


The stock market? Would have been great three weeks ago but now we are in a dangerous slide and if I point a finger, we’re back to grenade tossing.


The SuperBowl? Too late. The Eagles won and I, for one, am thrilled. It was a long time coming. Uh-Oh..just alienated maybe 50% of the readers of Klugertown.


The Hollywood scandal that touched our favorite actors, business leaders, sports figures, corporate chieftains and people we trusted? Probably not for a light-hearted site of hundreds of city dotcoms where most people want to relax, not recoil in horror.


2017’s weather horrors and the cities that were affected and the ones that were ignored? Nah..Depends on where you stand on FEMA and who are really citizens of the US, even though 53% of Americans didn’t know Puerto Rico is OUR territory.


Are we walking up to the line on nuclear war and is our stand something of craziness or strength? Back again to controversy.


Are we going to take a vacation this summer and ‘see the USA in our Chevrolet’ or take the train? Oh nooo. Not the train! Not Amtrak. Who’s minding the rails?


Here in Arizona, there’s a fight for the soul of the Arizona voter. Are they qualified, hysterical, demagogues or just plain unqualified? Surely, there may be a gem somewhere in there but I am NOT going to tread on that one.


We love our law enforcement and we should support them. Oh..what’s THAT you say? They have gone too far? There IS a real reason what they do is called intelligence while the others may possess a lack of. But I’m not jumping into that fire.


So, as I sit here and think about what kind of column to write, I’ve realized I made a column out of not having a column. Sometimes it’s hard to please everyone but over the past few years, I’ve been comfortable stating my cases and throwing caution to the wind. I guess I should stick to tried and true formulas.


I’m sure I will get a memo on this from my Editor or the President of the company. But that’s HIS memo. I have my OWN memo with MY facts and he may or may not choose to read it or even release it.


See what I just did there? Till next time.