last year


Time to let go of last year



I’m not sure I’ve ever seen more grumpy people displaying their grumpiness all at the same time. I think it’s because of 2016. On many counts, it was a flat-out negative year. And as it came to a close, everyone got a chance to review all over again the events that made it such a stinker.


So I have three words for you all: Get … Over … It.


Let’s enter the new year with a fresh outlook on life. Don’t make it a resolution. Just make it happen.


If you are running a business or have leadership responsibilities or are in sales, or if you have any job at all that doesn’t require solitary confinement, you sure can’t be moping around all day long looking sad and gloomy. You might rub off on the rest of us who would prefer to remain upbeat and enthusiastic. 2016 wasn’t a downer for every single one of us. Cut us a break.


So here’s a handful of things you can do to keep negative thoughts from wearing you down and give you a chance to make sure 2017 starts with renewed positivity:


--Stay active: That means exercise. Which you should be doing all the time anyway. Even if you are, kick it up a notch or two. Don’t make it easy to skip those trips to the gym because of work.


--Stay connected: Pick up the pace when it comes to networking and connecting with clients, past and future. Go to more events, not less.


--Take the long view. You know everything comes in cycles. Don’t get too down when things are bad…and be smart enough to know good times don’t last forever either.


--Focus on the positive aspects of your business. If your product or service was good a year ago, chances are it will be good in the new year, too. If you were good at sales then, you still are today. Don’t lose confidence.


--Stay informed. Read a good business book, maybe one on leadership. Keep the creative juices flowing. Give your mind some positive energy.


--Be nice to people around you. They may be feeling the same blues you are. Be nice to them and chances are really good they’ll even be nice right back to you.


--Volunteer for a good cause or help our non-profit peers in some other way. It’s not magic. When you help a worthy cause, it makes you feel good, too.


It’s a new year. Let’s get it started off the right way.